Our society still lack the opportunity for people with disabilities to make use of their talents and still not being able to pay fair compensation for their work. For example, a monotonous work to put products into plastic bags. This work will take an able-bodied person an hour to complete 100 bags, but at the disability support organization, this work is contracted at the price of less than 1 yen. Unfortunately, this is still the case at many organizations who need job opportunities to keep operating. Para Package® started up to take part in solving this social problem.

We think that this project can create opportunities for people with intellectual and/or mental disabilities to utilize their talents. It is famous that people with visual impairment often use their acute sense of touch to develop their careers in massage. In the same way, their talent to see things differently and create unique designs, talent to focus on one task and keep repeating can be utilized to produce attractive packages.

We believe that if we can satisfy our customers by producing packages with good quality, we could pay more compensation to the people involved. Moreover, when they see the products using Para Package are sold at stores, they will feel rewarded and be more motivated to work.

We would like to contribute to improve the societal attitude towards people with disabilities by sending out attractive packages to the world.

Our role

We connect the talents of people with disabilities to our customers package production.
By producing high quality packages, we challenge to help both strengthening product appeal and making social contribution for our customers.


We will make requests to disability support organizations according to customer request and support their work.



We make agreements with disability support organizations and monitor the fair pay.



We make arrangements to procure materials, printing, machining and manage the manufacturing process.



We will be the transaction entity and interact with customers from the inquiry to delivery.


パラパッケージの仕組み パラパッケージの仕組み

How we help talents shine through

We ask the artists with disabilities to draw printing designs for packages.
We ask the people with disabilities working at the employment support offices to hand process the packages.
We produce packages designed and/or handmade by people with disabilities.

Utilize the talent to see things differently and draw unique designs for packages.

Various artists are participating in the Para Package project. Customers can choose the design which fits the product or event that the package will be used for by the following way.

1.Choose from the existing work of the artists and arrange it into the package design

2.Choose an artist according to their existing work and request to draw a design according to your theme

3.Give us the theme of the package and choose a design from the newly drawn work of several artists.

Utilize the talent to focus on one task and keep repeating and produce handmade packages.

There are packages that are difficult to process by machines because of the quantity, size, shape etc. We ask the people with disabilities working at employment support offices to hand process the packages. We will take care of the pre-processing such as printing, creasing, jig production to make it easier to process. We also inspect the packages made to control quality. The continuous order from customers will contribute to secure the income of the people working at the facilities.

How to participate

We are happy to work with customers who are willing to make social contributions through package production. We are open to new ideas and would like to cooperate in creating original packages that will attract people.










Please feel free to contact us.